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  • 7.71
    Mature 34DD Melons
    (-Real Melons- > Double D's) 7.71
  • 8.44
  • Laurens7148
    Tell me what you think
    (-Real Melons- > B Cup) 8.44
  • 8.04
  • Cupcake
    H cups. H stands for hug them.. Lol
    ( -Real Melons-) 8.04
  • 7.69
  • Batwash06
    Nicely tanned
    (-Real Melons- > D Cup) 7.69
  • 4.90
  • RL18765
    Wife's tits
    (-Real Melons- > C Cup) 4.90
  • 7.88
  • Joshua44
    ( -Real Melons-) 7.88
  • 9.30
  • Rockchick85
    Who likes? (- )( -)
    (-Real Melons- > C Cup) 9.30
  • 8.67
  • Milkyjuggz0069
    lovely tits lol
    (-Real Melons- > D Cup) 8.67
    • 6.20
    • Batwash06
      Insert your cock
      (PUSSY) 6.20
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Member: Emptiness
Rated: 5.68
Location: Pierre, United States of America
Age: 53
Dating Status: Interested in a fling
Interests: Please be sure to let me know how to contact you. Understand I am focused upon a woman who wishes commitment and a very long term relationship. Let me tell you about myself: I have had to deal with the death of 4 family members since the year 2000. Since the last died in May 2003, I have literally been spinning circles covering over 7000 miles in the duration. I\'m slowly putting Life back together again. Since my divorce in 1999, I have been like a lost puppy. I do not know any way of life except being in a relationship- a relationship in which I am able to express my emotions, my experiences. Life without the ability to share all that you are and accept all that she is- just sometimes doesn\'t make sense. I will not feel comfortable anywhere, in any country, without the love of a woman beside me. To insure a life of love and happiness, I will move to you in a moment\'s notice if you feel we can bond together the joy and love we want so desperately for each other-from each other. I certainly miss sharing my life with another, but I want that to change. I\'m hoping to meet a woman who enjoys Romance, Attention and have excellent conversations-a woman who wants someone to listen, who wants a friend as well as a lover. I strongly believe in Chivalry and I try to express that trait as often as possible. I don\'t believe in dating-those feelings, those expressions of pleasure-should be shared with the one woman I love instead of casually expressed upon many. As you will soon tell, I\'m a doer, a giver, a pleaser. I want to love, and I have loved the best I can. What puzzles me to this day is-if I love a woman the way a woman desires to be loved, why does it hurt me so much? I wish to find a woman who wants to be loved-for her mind, her body and for her soul.. Here\'s who I\'m looking for: If you feel that you are \'too old\', or that age matters: -Close your eyes and hear the expressions of passion -Close your eyes and feel the expressions of passion -Close your eyes and smell the essence of passion -Close your eyes and taste the essence of passion -now...Open your eyes-because the expressions and essences of passion you\'ve just experienced are what we live life for each day. No measurement of time will ever seperate the love of 2 who wish to express and experience each other. The woman in my life must want to be loved. The woman in my life must feel that the family is most important beyond anything that\'s within our lives. The woman in my life my will want to express her emotions and to feel the expressions I offer. The woman in my life must believe in spontaneity, for our love is measured in moments-we will take advantage of every moment we can. I have many admirable qualities-had I not made mistakes in the past and been willing to learn from those to make myself a better man, I would not be a man today. When I see her sad, I must do what I can to make her smile and happy-I also must know when to give her the space she needs. My idea of a great first date: Sometimes the spontaneous impulses when two people meet can be the most spectacular first date of all. That first date is so full of anticipation, not knowing what the other will say or do-and what is said and done is so profound and resounding. The anticipation is compounded because we are trying to be so conscience of what we say or do-because we want so desperately to make an excellent impression, to be liked, admired and wanted. The scenery for a first date can be almost anywhere, for the only true focus on our minds-the center of our attention is the other person. What makes a first date even more memorable for years to come is the unexpected-although flowers are nice for a first date, having them delivered by carriage makes them special. Sex is so much more than the physical. Sexy is non-verbal, Sexy is the coordination of the hands, the eyes, the body. To sit in a room with another, without a word being spoken, yet when our eyes meet for that brief second-volumes are spoken as she melts my heart with her eyes, as she lifts me to the clouds with her finger grazing her lips....... Things I am passionate about: When I was 18 years old, I came to the realization that the purpose of my life was to make a positive difference in other peoples\' lives. I do not seek acknowledgement nor recognition for my actions, because once I leave this life the rewards that I shall receive will be plentiful and bountiful.
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